top 5 chocolate

Top 5 Chocolate Recipes (from bloggers)

We hit a bit of a cold spell in Belgium in February… and there is only one thing that really chases it away… and that is CHOCOLATE! If you missed the Salon du Chocolat 2016 in Brussels… you can still get your fix with these 5 recipes from our Belgian…

top 5 sweet potato

Top 5 Sweet Potato Recipes (from bloggers)

I love sweet potato… all the taste but with such a low amount of calories (not that this has ever stopped me before from inhaling high calorie foods :)) and of course… the versatility of this vegetable! Which is why this is the 2nd time we feature sweet potato in…

Ice-cream top 5

Top 5 Ice-cream Recipes (from bloggers)

We have been so lucky to have such a glorious start to the summer here in Belgium… with temperatures soaring to levels of 35+ degrees on multiple days. And what better way to cool down – than with an ice-cream, right? If you manage to have enough energy in the…

top 5 vegetarian

Top 5 Vegetarian Recipes (from bloggers)

Long gone are the days when “Vegetarian” meant a bowl of wilted salad leaves or overcooked vegetables! There are now even restaurants in Belgium dedicated to serving tasty, filling and nutrious vegetarian meals (i.e AMI and Dolma) or at least have a wide variety of vegetarian offerings (i.e. SOUL). Some would argue that…

Top 5 Vitamin A Recipes

Top Immune System Boosting Recipes: Vitamin A (from bloggers)

Here is the final post in our Immune System Boosting Series and today we’re going to talk about Vitamin A… Like Selenium, Vitamin A is something you want to make sure you’re getting enough of.  Not only is it good for your vision and your skin (which is generally your…

Top 5 Unusual Dishes from Bloggers

Top 5 Unusual Dishes (from bloggers)

The great thing about being a blogger in Brussels is that you get the chance to meet people from all over Europe, and beyond. They bring their food culture, their personality and their habits with them and together we share our ideas about what makes us salivate. What is more…

Top 5 Apple Desserts

Top 5 Apple Desserts (from bloggers)

I had a reasonably traumatic experience when I was 6; I took a bite out of a big juicy Granny Smith apple, felt a stab of pain and looked to find that my tooth had come out as I was biting the apple.  To 6 year old me, apples were…

Top 5 Pumpkin Recipes from Bloggers

Top 5 Pumpkin Recipes (from bloggers)

November reminds me that the leaves fall, of colours like orange, purple, rust, the smell of mushrooms and one of my favourite ingredients: pumpkin! I found five fabulous recipes from our Brussels Food Friends: Some Healthy Pumpkin & Cranberry Muffins by Princess Misia An amazing waterzooi from Leeks and High Heels Gorgeous Pumpkin…


Top 5 Indian Recipes (from bloggers)

I may have mentioned before (often) how much I love cooking Indian food. It is definitely my favourite cuisine to eat and to cook myself. Luckily, several of our Brussels Food Friends share my passion for Indian flavours. Today I want to share 5 great Indian recipes from our bloggers….

Top 5 vegetarian recipes

Top 5 Vegetarian Recipes (from bloggers)

After a very indulgent summer, I’m looking to cut back on my meat intake this fall. I used to think cooking a main dish began with, and revolved around, meat. Since I discovered my passion for Asian, and particularly Indian food, I’ve discovered that meat can be an accent, or totally…