top 5 lamb

Top 5 Lamb Recipes (from bloggers)

Mary had a little Lamb, its fleece was white as snow…. but it’s flesh… oh so tasty! Which is why we wanted to showcase these blogger top 5 Lamb recipes Top 5 Lamb Recipes (from bloggers) Sylvain of Un Peu Gay Dans Les Coings created a delicious Smoked pulled Lamb…

fun with fruit

Top 5 “Fun with” Fruit Recipes (from bloggers)

When 0ne thinks of fruit, they think biting into an apple, making a tart (or tarte tatin), a banana bread or just a simple fruit salad. But some of our bloggers have taken things to a whole new level – but getting funky with fruit… that is right, they have been hugely…

pimpinelle indian

Pimpinelle: Indian Cooking course

Learn to cook Hyderabad indian food with Chief Apolina Fos from Bombay Bruxelles Mirchi ka salan (curry with peppers) Hyderabadi biryani (rice with chicken Hyderabadi way) Dahi chutney (fruit and vegetables yogurt) Khubani ka Meeta (stewed Hunza apricots) The majority of the products used during the workshop comes from organic farming….