Top 5 Pumpkin Recipes from Bloggers

Top 5 Pumpkin Recipes (from bloggers)

November reminds me that the leaves fall, of colours like orange, purple, rust, the smell of mushrooms and one of my favourite ingredients: pumpkin! I found five fabulous recipes from our Brussels Food Friends: Some Healthy Pumpkin & Cranberry Muffins by Princess Misia An amazing waterzooi from Leeks and High Heels Gorgeous Pumpkin…


Top 5 Indian Recipes (from bloggers)

I may have mentioned before (often) how much I love cooking Indian food. It is definitely my favourite cuisine to eat and to cook myself. Luckily, several of our Brussels Food Friends share my passion for Indian flavours. Today I want to share 5 great Indian recipes from our bloggers….

Summer Carrots

Top 5 Carrot Recipes (from bloggers)

October is here, leaves on the trees have already turned reddish and brown, and I have already started to try new autumn soups. Yes, my dear Friends, Homme Sweeet Homme doesn’t just BAKE ( – : One of the ingredients I use the most in soups is carrots, I love them. Talking…

Top 5 vegetarian recipes

Top 5 Vegetarian Recipes (from bloggers)

After a very indulgent summer, I’m looking to cut back on my meat intake this fall. I used to think cooking a main dish began with, and revolved around, meat. Since I discovered my passion for Asian, and particularly Indian food, I’ve discovered that meat can be an accent, or totally…


Top 5 Soup Recipes (from bloggers)

The weather has officially turned… (although having said that – let’s be honest, we didn’t really have a BIG summer now did we? But I could always counter argue and say that we didn’t really have a proper winter either… ) Putting internal bickering aside – the weather is definitely…


Top 5 FRUIT recipes (from bloggers)

As we start to say goodbye to the summer & welcome the changing colours of autumn (which can clearly be seen in the leaves…) – we can still sit back and enjoy some of the fruits of summer (excuse the pun)… with fruit! And we have seen some deliciously wonderful…


Top 5 Summer desserts (from bloggers)

With summer teasing us here in Belgium… a few days of sunshine… a few days of rain – we realise how much we really & truly adore those gorgeous sunshine days full of friends, family, food & fun. (Did we mention food???) And of course – no summer get together is…

ginger splash

Top 5 Cocktails Recipes (from bloggers)

The best part of being in a food community is seeing the recipes that bloggers publish, drooling over them and wishing you had a fork to taste-test with…or, in this case… wishing for a straw in which to sip-taste them! In the last few weeks leading up to summer (in Europe)…