Top 5 Aubergine Recipes (from Bloggers)

This delicious vegetable (technically a fruit) is part of the nightshade family – known as Brinjal in South Africa, South Asia & Southeast Asia or Eggplant in America, Canada & Australia or Aubergine in most other countries.

Easily recognizable by its egg-shaped purple appearance (and milk white fleshy) – it is most widely known as a key ingredient in Moussaka or Ratatouille. But this ingredient is closely related to both the tomato & the potato… making it versatile with a rich depth of flavor once cooked. (It is often recommended to salt, rinse & drain the sliced fruit in order soften it & reduce the amount of fat it absorbs during cooking… but some cultivated varieties don’t need this)

Because of it’s full flavours – it is often used as a meat substitute… and that is why we are please to share with you these recipes from some of our bloggers.

Top 5 Aubergine/Brinjal/Eggplant Recipes (from bloggers)

Michelle from Very Hungry Explorer made a Black-eyed bean Moussaka which looks amazing.

While Céline of Cuisine Céline shared a pasta dish of Penne with Aubergines & chickpeas.

And Tine of Tine At Home (who has recently relocated to Ireland) creates a carb free meal of Zucchini noodles with Eggplant & oven roasted tomatoes.

And Alexia of Must be Yummy created TWO dishes that I just HAD to share: Miso glazed Eggplant as well as Eggplant Tarte Tatin

Do you have an Aubergine (Brinjal or Eggplant) recipe that you wish to share with us? Just add the link to the comments section below!

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