Top 5 Carrot Recipes (from bloggers)

Summer Carrots

October is here, leaves on the trees have already turned reddish and brown, and I have already started to try new autumn soups. Yes, my dear Friends, Homme Sweeet Homme doesn’t just BAKE ( – :

Top 5 Carrot Recipes

One of the ingredients I use the most in soups is carrots, I love them. Talking about love, while linking love to the other Brussels Food Friends I have noticed that carrots can be used in so many different ways!

So many ideas! I have already tried BoBo Brussels’ recipe, I cannot wait to try all the others, and you?

BTW, I’ll leave you now, I have to go out there and look for a man who could match Bombay Bruxelles’ recipe. Stay tuned ( – :

Eva from Homme Sweeet Homme bakes virtual men, it’s her sweeet and spicy revenge on their bitter behavior…each man will be identified by his initials or by a nickname and, if he reads his story, sure as hell he will recognize himself