Top 5 Sugar Free Recipes (from bloggers)

Not all sweet things have to contain refined sugar…. and just to prove that – we found 5 awesome recipes from within our blogger community that showcase that sugar free can still be delicious!

Top 5 Sugar Free Recipes (from bloggers)

Ellen of KokerEllen makes a batch of sugar free carrot cake balls

While Jennifer of Empty the Fridge showcases how to enjoy your very own sugar free dried fruit roll

Louies of Baked Louies whips up a batch of sugar free coconut bites

and Salima of Parts de Plaisir makes a sugar free Chocolate cake with a strawberry sauce that is also gluten free & lactose free!!

Finally – I include one of my own recent recipes – for Sugar free carrot & apple cake

Do you have a sugar free recipe that you wish to share with us? Just add the link to the comments section below!

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