Follow them Friday: The Brusselsprouts

Our 27th “Follow them Friday” features Sara & Anita of The Brusselsprouts blogging in English.

When did you start blogging?

We started blogging over a year ago.

How did you decide on the name of your blog?

We were chilling in the Cinquantenaire, gossiping about the blogosphere and decided it would be fun to have our own little spot on the web. The names’ brainstorming lasted about 10 minutes. The Brusselsprouts was born.

What was the title of your first ever blog post?

Ten best things about summer.

brusselsprouts 1st post

Do you prefer eating in or eating out?

If somebody’s cooking for us at home, eating in. If we need to cook ourselves, eating out!

What is your favourite dish to share?

Anita: Mmmh… anything but fries. No sharing fries!
Sara: Although I usually like my food in my plate or in my stomach, I’d go for pizza.

What is your favourite comfort food?

Anita: Fries?
Sara: Bolognese pasta.

What is your favourite dessert?

Anita: Fries ice cream? Kidding… salted caramel volcano.
Sara: Tiramisu: my mom’s tiramisu.

How do you like your eggs in the morning?

Anita: scrambled with crispy bacon.
Sara: yup, scrambled, no bacon.

What is your earliest food memory?

Anita: My dad’s polenta. Comfort food 100%. And healthy!
Sara: My grandma’s polpette (meatballs).

What are the three things you always have in your freezer?

Anita: My husband’s homemade lasagna, my Mother in law’s soup & chocolate ice cream.
Sara: Ice-cream, oven fries, shrimps.

How do you spend your time when you’re not blogging?

Anita: Working 😛
Sara: same same.

Who are your favourite food bloggers?

Anita: Brussels Kitchen & The Foodalist.
Sara: Le fooding & Minute papillon

Who are your favourite non-food bloggers?

Anita: Why Not Monday & 70percentpure.
Sara: Sincerely Jules & Make My Lemonade

BFF FTF Anita-Sara


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