Kitchen Gadgets

As a food blogger I consider kitchen gadgets as ‘necessary’ gear. Of course gadgets come in all shapes and forms, and depending on the kitchen space available they tend to take more or less space.

My gadget addiction started with the food blog. At first to help me with the cooking – trying out new recipes, meant using new gadgets. Then, as the blog evolved, the gadgets I bought served a dual purpose – as tools used to cook and bake as well as props to be used in photos.

Of course the gadget addiction went out of hand. You know the feeling? You see a nice new little kitchen gadget (say a lemon squeezer) and decide you need to have it. Usefulness on a scale form 1-10? probably about a 3. Does it look good though in a photo? I would give it an 8.

Preparing for this post I went through my kitchen drawers and selected some of the gadgets I have around. Confession? I probably use the peeler the most. Not only for its obvious use (fruits and veggies alike) but also to shave off parmesan on top of pasta, to core apples, etc. The one gadget I bought and have never used? The egg cutter (first on the left). Never! The idea was great and I loved the image of having perfectly cut soft boiled egg tops; Did it work the first time I tried it? No. Ever since have not even looked at this gadget.

What is your favourite kitchen gadget? And which one did you buy and don’t use?

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