Top 5 Asparagus Recipes (from bloggers)

Tis the season for those delicious green & white stalks to make their appearance! (You can see the Top 5 Asparagus recipes that we wrote about last year)

But it has been so inspiring to see the Belgian Blogosphere light up with so many delightful recipes – we had a difficult situation of only selecting 5!! But here they are:

Top 5 Asparagus Recipes (from bloggers):

Steffie from Beetgraag shares a recipe for Lightly smoked salmon with Asparagus & tomato salsa (yummy!)

while Nullam Microwaveum showcases how the simple grilled green asparagus with brown miso dressing can make your mouth salivate!

Greg of Cook n Roll serves up a dish of Asparagus with parmesan & garlic

While Lyne of Épice & Moi presents us with tofu scrambled with wild garlic & asparagus

And finally – Jennifer of Empty the Fridge has a bowl of baked eggs with green asparagus

Do you have an asparagus recipe to share with us? Add the link in the comments section below!

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  1. Hi, I share with pleasure my recipe of the green asparagus quiche. On my blog:

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