Top 5 Burger Restaurant Reviews (from bloggers)

The Burger phenomen continues….  and with origins that spark many debates (America versus Germany)… the truth remains that this delicious food choice is here to stay!

Traditionally, a ground meat patty cooked to order, sandwiched inside a freshly baked bread roll and hugged by slices of tomato, lettuce & (sometimes) cheese – not to mention a gherkin (or pickle) and a good dollop of sauce (whether it be ketchup or other is entirely up to the individual)… with a combination of deviations and additions too numerous to mention – we humbly salute the makers of this meal in Brussels.

Here are 5 Burger Spot reviews from bloggers:

Emmanuelle of Eats to West recently tried out the sliders from CoolBun in St-Gilles and we agree that they really do look scrumptious!

Manhattn’s on Avenue Louise was hyped about before it even opened late in 2014 – and now you can read The Brussels Sprouts review of it.

Just around the corner is L’Amour Fou which the gals at Brussels Kitchen love.

While Ellis Burger is considered the “safe bet” when looking for a great burger in Brussels says Sandy from S Marks the Spots.

And of course – being a girl doesn’t mean living on lettuce leaves alone – which is why the gals at La Dinette Des Grandes recommend Super Filles du Tram.

What other burger places have you tried out & loved? Leave a link in our comments section below!

Maxine is a South African experiencing her 7th year living in Brussels and still can’t speak French… married to HIM who speaks 5 languages (& thankfully with French being one of them!). Loving food in all its glory… reading about it, making it and eating it! She writes Why I Am Not Skinny. Follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.