Top 5: Finger food recipes (from bloggers)

Guest post written by Iris from SWonderful Notebook:

EK 2016

Are you ready for evenings filled with football soon? Not a lot of time to cook in the kitchen but you will still want some yummy food to nibble on – and yes, for once you may – in front of the TV? Let yourself be inspired by these sofaproof fingerfood recipes from BxlFF link love bloggers, also yummy for non football lovers:

Top 5 Finger foods (from bloggers):

Avocado van de Duivel created a Belgian tapa with chicory for a food bloggers competition. The first prize went to someone else, but this is a winner for us!

Tomate-Cerise says that children like to make this, but I know lots of men who like to eat this: pigs in blanket 

Pizza is the best sofa comfort food isn’t it? Have you tried the one with carpaccio? A deluxe pizza from Beetgraag

When Soupcon de Balsamique shares one of her fabulous recipes she also tells us how difficult it is to make, this one says ‘easy’ so thumbs up for tarte apéritive au courgette et ricotta.

Savoury waffles? Just read this Tuna melt recipe from Elien’s Kitchen and I bet you will look for your waffle iron straight away.

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  1. Starfish425 says:

    Its really interesting to serve fingers foods to parties, especially if its got huge flavors inside despite a small serving. These are great recipes! I will try to use these on future parties! I usually serve finger foods together with a safe plastic toothpicks and a cute Whale toothpick holder!

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