Top 5 Ice-cream Recipes (from bloggers)

We have been so lucky to have such a glorious start to the summer here in Belgium… with temperatures soaring to levels of 35+ degrees on multiple days.

And what better way to cool down – than with an ice-cream, right? If you manage to have enough energy in the heatwave to make your own… then we commend you… which is why we love these recipes from some of our bloggers (not only to inspire us – but also for us to drool over!)

Top 5 ice-cream recipes (from bloggers)

Myriam of Hap n Tap – the queen of amazing blog posts – shares a Caramel ice-cream recipe with us, which doesn’t even need an ice-cream machine!

While Marta of Princess Misia, whose latest Limonade cookbook has just become available has a Vegan coconut ece-cream with butternut squash & macadamia nuts to tempt you,

Julie of Hapjes Princess provides a healthy banana & strawberry soft serve alternative

And Sarah of South & Pepper shares a magnificent looking lemon mascarpone ice-cream with all.

and last… I had to sneak in my own no-churn strawberry ice-cream recipe in as well!

Do you have an ice-cream recipe that you wish to share with us? Just add the link to the comments section below!

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