Top 5 Lamb Recipes (from bloggers)

Mary had a little Lamb, its fleece was white as snow…. but it’s flesh… oh so tasty! Which is why we wanted to showcase these blogger top 5 Lamb recipes

Top 5 Lamb Recipes (from bloggers)

Sylvain of Un Peu Gay Dans Les Coings created a delicious Smoked pulled Lamb recipe

While Emmanuelle of Eats to West shows us this Iranian dish of Lamb with chickpeas (Yadzi Gheyme)

And Apolina of Bombay Bruxelles serves up a delicious Lamb Curry

Greg of Cook n Roll created a pulled lamb & raita pistolet

Delphine of Soupçon de Balsamique makes roast lamb, with chestnut honey & lemon thyme

Do you have any lamb recipes? Share them with us by adding the link in our comments section below

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