Top 5 Nutella recipes (from bloggers)

Love chocolate?

We sure do… especially living in Brussels – the capital of chocolate (or so I say!) where there is an abundance of chocolatiers on our doorstop! Even better – there is a Chocolate Fair (Sablon Du Chocolat) from 6-8th February 2015 with 6,000 m² exhibition area entirely dedicated to chocolate and cocoa… need I say more??

But for many – our chocolate fix can also come in a different packaging… say, a Nutella jar of spread… which is either liberally applied to toast or croissants (or eaten straight from the jar)… OR used to make a delicious chocolate infused recipe.

Here are a few of our favourite Nutella Inspired recipes from bloggers:

A definite eye pleaser – this chocolate twisted brioche from Les Gourmandises de Sylf takes baking to a whole new level of impressive.

If easy is more your thing – than these “childs play” Nutella muffins from Cuberon & Macaron will be right up your street!

Sarah’s Kitchen promises you a gorgeous gooey Nutella brownie that will have you reaching for another one (definitely not for those on a diet!)

Another calorie bomb – but oh so worth it – comes from Marina’s Bakery – where these Salted Nutella Fudge slices scream to be eaten!

And finally, quoting Hap n Tap herself “Can you think of anything better than liquified, drinkable Nutella?” Nope, which is why we like to end with this Nutella Cream Liquer.

Maxine is a South African experiencing her 7th year living in Brussels and still can’t speak French… married to HIM who speaks 5 languages (& thankfully with French being one of them!). Loving food in all its glory… reading about it, making it and eating it! She writes Why I Am Not Skinny. Follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.