Top 5 Seafood Recipes (from bloggers)

Interestingly enough – Wikipedia says that “Seafood is any form of sea life that is considered food by humans – including fish & shellfish”…

All I know is that as a former resident of a coastal southern hemisphere city brimming with fishing activity – that I am a firm lover of all things seafood related! And that is why I thought it was high time that we shared some of the delicious recipes that our community of bloggers have been serving up!

Top 5 Seafood Recipes (from bloggers)

Sarah of South & Pepper dishes up some yummy prawns in lemon butter sauce,

While Annelies of Een Lepeltje Lekkers creates a very luxurious seafood pasta dish.

Myriam of Hap en Tap shares a recipe for Fried sole with green fregola

And Geertrui of Truitjeroermeniet shows us how to make clam pasta with a lemon twist.

Last, but definitely not least, Sylvain of Un peu Gay Dans Les Coings has us drooling over his Spicy Korean Mussels.

Do you have an seafood recipe that you wish to share with us? Just add the link to the comments section below!

Maxine is a South African experiencing her 7th year living in Brussels and still can’t speak French… married to HIM who speaks 5 languages (& thankfully with French being one of them!). Loving food in all its glory… reading about it, making it and eating it! She writes on the blog Why I Am Not Skinny. Follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

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