Top 5 Vegetarian Recipes (from bloggers)

Top 5 vegetarian recipes

After a very indulgent summer, I’m looking to cut back on my meat intake this fall. I used to think cooking a main dish began with, and revolved around, meat. Since I discovered my passion for Asian, and particularly Indian food, I’ve discovered that meat can be an accent, or totally absent from a delicious main-course. Our BxlFF bloggers know that too, and today we’re sharing 5 of our favourite vegetarian recipes from our members.

Ottolenghi's hummus

1. First up, starters – Yottam Ottolenghi is one of my food heroes, so when I spotted his hummus recipe on Cookanista, I had to share it.

Millefeuille of ricotta, peas and mint

2. This Millefeuille of ricotta, peas and mint, from Dans L’Assiette des Autres, looks like summer on a plate!

Tofu Pita

3. Coolinary’s Tofu Pita looks like a quick, fresh, and healthy lunch.

Courgette Tagine

4. I love a spicy Moroccan Tagine and this Courgette Tagine from Cooking With Emma Russel looks like a winner.

Gratin of potatoes and vegetables

5. Finally, as winter is around the corner, Soupcon de Balsamique’s gratin of potatoes and summer veggies looks like a lighter version of a warming winter casserole.

Do you like cooking vegetarian meals? Share your favourite recipe with us below!

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  1. I am a pure vegetarian and surely going to try these when i get time.

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