Top 5 Veggie Burgers (from bloggers)

Veggie burgers are my new thing. They’re healthy, they’re guilt-free and they’re just sooo good! I know, I know, you’re probably thinking “Veggie… Burger??? What’s the point in that?!” The point is having one of your favourite fast-food made nutrient-rich and good for you.

Give it a try, with these amazing recipes from our bloggers’ community

Top 5 veggie burgers recipes (from bloggers):

Vanessa, from Vanevalentine made Red Lentil Burgers that are rich and gluten free!

Marta, the well-known Princess Misia, delights us with a kids’ favourite: the Zucchini and Sweet Corn Burger.

Curiosity killed the cat, but will certainly not kill my stomach! When I read “Veggie burger with strawberry sauce” I thought “I have to try this!” Let’s see what the kids think of this recipe from Midinettes.

This one I absolutely have to try! Halloumi in a burger and topped with caramelized onions! Where have been all my life… ? Thanks Bobo Brussels!

Ok, this last one is not from our community… but Minimalist Baker’s grillable veggie burger looks so mouth-watering that I had to share this last one with you guys.


Salima Tiamani is a food loving blogger with a tendency for really loving food. She creates her own healthy recipes that have helped her in a fight she started nearly three years ago against candidiasis. Her recipes are simple, family proof and can be very surprising! She writes on her blog Parts de plaisir where she mainly writes in french (and in english as often as she can). Follow her on Twitter , Pinterest , Facebook and Instagram