Top 5 Winter Warmers (from bloggers)

I absolutely adore this time of year. The trees are changing colour, there is a nip in the air and my thoughts turn to comforting casseroles to keep me warm.

  • I love Middle Eastern food, so this Iranian casserole from Un Peu Gay Dans Les Coings is right up my street.
  • This delicious-sounding fish curry from Bombay-Bruxelles will also help keep us warm.
  • I can’t list winter warmers without including the traditional Belgian dish carbonnades. The wonderful Belgian Smaak posted this recipe
  • Heat yourself centrally with this hearty Italian-style ragu from Cookanista (in Dutch). I’d say it’d be delicious with some fresh pappardelle.
  • And finally, a bit cheeky, but I’m adding my own recipe for ox cheek casserole

What do you cook to keep yourself fed at this time of the year?

Thanks to Katie from 365 Things I Learned In My Kitchen for our Top 5 today. 

Through 365 things I learned in my kitchen, Katie has experimented with many new ingredients and recipes, endeavouring to bring the best of Irish and Belgian food to the world. Along the way, there have been resounding successes and a couple of failures. All her top tips and pitfalls are laid out on her blog, so if you find yourself with no inspiration for tonight’s dinner, want to recreate Belgian cuisine or make brown bread, make your way there and settle in for a good read!