Top 5 Apple Desserts (from bloggers)

I had a reasonably traumatic experience when I was 6; I took a bite out of a big juicy Granny Smith apple, felt a stab of pain and looked to find that my tooth had come out as I was biting the apple.  To 6 year old me, apples were now tooth destroying enemies, but as the years have passed, they have been forgiven. I still won’t bite into one whole, but if you chop it up and stick it in a dessert, I’m happy!

Apple Desserts

Seeing as with autumn, comes apples, I thought it was time to do our Top 5 Apple Desserts post:

  • Baked Louie’s Apple and Speculoos Muffins look fantastic and I dare say could probably be eaten for breakfast, as well as dessert
  • I’ve been looking for a good Apple Strudel recipe, since my trip to Austria and Why Not Monday seems to be onto a winner with theirs
  • Talking about traditional dishes, how about trying a Steamed Apple Pudding like 365 Things I Learned In My Kitchen‘s Mum makes
  • Can you get more apple desserty than a Tarte aux Pommes? I think La Cuisine de Françoise‘s version looks delicious
  • If you want to try something a little healthier, A Pinch of Love‘s Apple Oat Crumbs are perfect for you

Michelle of Very Hungry Explorer is originally from London. She now splits her time between Brussels and the rest of the Europe.  She started blogging 2009 while on a trip to Alaska, so she could stay in touch with her Mum and it all just went from there. When she isn’t eating, Michelle is studying to TEFL and frequently plays her music above the recommended volume level.  Follow her on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.