Top 5 Biscuit Recipes (from bloggers)

Admit it – you love the British because they take biscuits seriously… the same can be said about the Americans and their adoration of cookies (even just the unbaked dough!) – but in all fairness – every country has some kind of sweet treat that goes PERFECTLY with a cup of tea (or coffee) any time during the day (because it doesn’t just have to be served mid-morning/afternoon, right?)

Interestingly enough – If you said “biscuit” to an American – they would think of a flour based soft cake like treat (a bit like a scone) – while to a Brit, they would picture a dry and hard texture treat.

So what kind of biscuits/cookies do you like baking? The 5 that we mention below are from our Belgian bloggers who have made us drool over their traditional (tea biscuits) and not so traditional versions.

Top 5 Biscuit Recipes (from bloggers)

Regula of Miss Foodwise shows us how to make the perfect Dunking Rich Tea Biscuit (that’s right – you dunk it in your tea to soften it before gobbling it down!)

While Greg of Cook n Roll uses kumquats to give his Florentines that something extra!

And Sophia of Real Simple Food shares her recipe for Barley Chocolate Chip Cookies…. Mmmmm, so good that it would be rude not to have another one!

Sylvie of Les Gourmandises de Sylf makes White Chocolate & cranberry flapjacks (a healthy oat based biscuit)

And finally – although not technically a “biscuit” – we couldn’t resist sharing Elisa of Belgian Smaak 7 easy steps to make Rocky Road.

Do you have a favourite biscuit recipe that you wish to share with us? Just add the link to the comments section below!

Maxine is a South African experiencing her 7th year living in Brussels and still can’t speak French… married to HIM who speaks 5 languages (& thankfully with French being one of them!). Loving food in all its glory… reading about it, making it and eating it! She writes Why I Am Not Skinny. Follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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