Top 5 Burger Recipes (from bloggers)

With the weather starting to share more good days than bad days with us… it is the perfect time to dust off & light up the BBQ for a bit of burger fun. And if you don’t have a BBQ – never fear… burgers taste just as good (almost) made in the kitchen too!

We loved these bloggers burger inspirations…

Top 5 Burger Recipes (from bloggers)

Sara from De Groene Kitchen shares a recipe for a healthy vegetarian choice – an Asian inspired Chickpea Burger

While Elien of Elien’s Cuisine brings out all the stops for her Hamburger Deluxe

And Greg of Cook N Roll shows the Italian Hamburger version… (this from the man who even bakes his own rolls! WOW)

Tine of Tine at Home has us drooling over her Juicy Lamb Burger served with marinated cucumber & honey mayo dressing.

And last, but by no means least – Sylvain of Un Peu Gay Dans Les Coings serves up Mini Vietnamese burgers with noodle buns!!!

Do you have a burger recipe that you wish to share with us? Just add the link to the comments section below!

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