Top 5 Unusual Dishes (from bloggers)

Top 5 Unusual Dishes from Bloggers

The great thing about being a blogger in Brussels is that you get the chance to meet people from all over Europe, and beyond. They bring their food culture, their personality and their habits with them and together we share our ideas about what makes us salivate. What is more inspirational than to try new ingredients and new ways of eating the ingredients that we know!

So this week’s top 5 is about foods that may make you go ‘huh?’.

First on the list is Gâteau Bolus by Sylvain of Un Peu Gay dans le Coings. It is a forgotten Belgian cake with raisins, based on his partner’s grandmother’s recipe, dated 1918! How cool is that?! You can even see the 97 year old recipe book on the site.

Next up is Peggy’s Wildboar filet with celeriac strips and almond crumbles (“knolselderschijfjes met amandelkruim en everzwijnfilet”). Celeriac is another forgotten vegetable that is coming back into fashion. Peggy calls the dish an ‘anti-stresss therapy’. From the look of it, we think we believe her.

The third unusual dish comes from Rausmat: “Pikant jordskokksuppe“, which is basically a spicy soup made with Jerusalem artichoke. The site is in Norwegian so you will have to google-translate it. But everything written in Norwegian just looks so sexy, right.

Number Four comes Bombay-Bruxelles‘ Apolina. This lady is definitely as hot and spicy as her recipes! Our favourite unusual recipe of hers is a ‘Rat-Tail curry‘. No, she didn’t embark on a rat-hunting mission in Brussels (though somebody should have). Rat-tail is a kind of radish.

Last but not least is a very unusual hummus by Vanessa of Vanevalentine. She made the hummus with beetroot and it turned out in a very sensual pink. It’s so pretty it makes perfect party food!

About Carry It Like Harry:

Hailing from the tiny tiny country of Singapore, Harry is just about the opposite in appetite. His recipe blog stems from his desperation to make authentic Singaporean and East Asian food in Belgium, which sometimes could invite shocked looks from butchers (like when he wanted to buy lamb offal to make a Mongolian offal soup).

A former model, Harry insists that East Asian food keeps you thin. A history buff, he also insists that you read through the history of every single dish before he gives you the recipe.

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