Top 5 Chocolate Brownie Recipes (from bloggers)

I don’t care if it is spring, summer, autumn or winter… it is always the right season for chocolates brownies!!

And the best part??? The health benefits of dark chocolate include:

  • a powerful source of antioxidants
  • can lower blood pressure
  • might lower the risk of cardiovascular disease
  • may improve brain function

Obviously, we dont condone eating mountains of chocolate… but we do want to highlight that not only is a piece (or two) pretty good for you… but it TASTES so good as well!!!! And what better way to consume it than in a brownie??


Top 5 Chocolate Brownie Recipes (from bloggers):

Elisa of Belgian Smaak shows us in a Step by Step fashion how to make brownies at home – simple, easy and oh so tasty!

While Sarah of Sarah’s Kitchen adds a little savoury into the sweet with a Salted Fudge Brownie.

And if the tartness of berries is your thing – then you have to check out Lyne of Epice Set Moi‘s Cranberry Curd Brownie recipe!

And only Myriam of Hap n Tap can take 2 gorgeous baked good ideas and combine them into something GREAT… that’s right cookies + brownies = brookies!

And lastly… I sneak my own chocolate brownie recipe in here – a sure winner with friends.

Do you have a chocolate brownie recipe to share with us? Just add the link to the comments section below!

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